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Holding a trade receivable from a bankrupt company is a costly and time consuming obligation. A holder sifts through a mountain of legal paperwork in the hopes of receiving a recovery usually years down the road for a fraction of the amount owed. Holding bad debt is not for the faint of heart, nor for those who want cash now.

That's why Hain Capital helped pioneer the field of trade claims trading. We realized we could use our expertise in claim management to build a business delivering value to creditors, most of whom would rather get cash now than manage a collections process. Thus was born the business of trade claims investing in a process we've refined to the point that the purchase of your claim can be completed in less than five business days. Once you provide Hain Capital with your invoices and contracts evidencing your trade receivables, Hain Capital will be prepared, subject to satisfactory due diligence, to pay you for your claim.

Whether you're an experienced credit manager or new to the concept of selling trade claims, you'll be glad to know Hain is fast, responsive and reliable. Hain Capital understands that a good reputation is of paramount importance. Just listen to our past customers.

Regardless of the size of your claim or the size of the bankruptcy you are involved in, please contact a Hain Capital trade claim specialist and find out how you can get paid today.

Hain Capital purchases trade accounts receivable and other assets (such as notes receivable, royalties, commissions and fees) from bankrupt entities or liquidating trusts. This purchase can be in the form of:

  • an up-front payment; or
  • an upfront payment plus subsequent sharing.

    Hain Capital is flexible and will structure a transaction to suit the needs of the seller.

    Hain Capital can also provide a bankruptcy estate with patient capital, offering a solution to unsecured creditors that are being forced by secured investors to liquidate assets and investments in a manner that is to their detriment.

    Contact a Hain Capital bankruptcy estate liquidation specialist to find out more.

    Hain can purchase illiquid partnership interests in going concerns or even in situations where a winding down of the partnership may require years to complete (for example, due to market conditions or fraud). Hain analyzes available information and makes a determination of likely distributions with respect to their amounts and timing.

    Contact a Hain Capital partnership interest liquidation specialist to find out more.

    Hain can make secured rescue loans, providing your firm with the ability to stave off bankruptcy and potential liquidation.

    Hain can also make secured loans against collateral that is not counted as part of your regular lender's borrowing base (for example, due to customer concentration limits on accounts receivable).

    Contact a Hain Capital secured lending specialist to find out more.
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