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We were approached by a number of companies to purchase our claim in bankruptcy of a past tenant. Hain Capital was the most responsive with respect to any questions or concerns we had on their respective offer. Documentation was straight forward and settlement was completed both promptly and well within the time promised.
Howard Anson, VP of Finance
MOAC Mall Holdings, LLC (Mall of America)

We are a small regional development company and had never assigned a bankruptcy claim before. We dealt with several bidders through the process and found Hain Capital Group to be the most straightforward from the beginning. They were the first to make a realistic offer on our claim, with others then increasing their bids to follow. In the end, because Hain was consistently the leader in negotiations, we wanted to do the deal with them. They consistently followed through with everything they said and did not lead us to think we were making a deal, only to raise last minute roadblocks. If we find ourselves in this position in the future, Hain Capital will be the first company we contact.
Donna M. Sills, Senior VP & General Counsel
Greenberg Gibbons Commercial Corporation

It has been a pleasure transacting with both yourself and your colleagues. I was amazed at how quickly this process went from the first conversation we had to the actual closing of the transactions. Thank you for being professional and courteous.
Elizabeth Van Sicklen, Credit Manager
Johnson Electric, North America

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know what a delight it was to deal with Hain Capital. Hain Capital answered all of our questions, which resulted in our claim being processed efficiently and quickly. We received our funds within a day of returning our application. The process was smooth, easy, and was completed in the least amount of time necessary to conclude. We thank Hain Capital for their professionalism and would not hesitate at all in dealing with them again in the future.
Bernie Lebovits, Credit Director
Utex Corporation

It was a pleasure working with you on this project. You lived up to your work and delivered good funds in less time than the 48 hours we had agreed to. We will certainly call Hain Capital if the unfortunate need arises in the future.
Frederick A. Rossetti, Managing Director
Knox & Company

I thought the process went much smoother than I ever imagined it would and I was pleasantly surprised to see the money in my account the day after you received my paperwork.
Chuck Horning, Treasurer
CIP International

We've received the wires this morning and appreciate the smooth process. At first, we were somewhat worried about the assignment of claim since we've never sold any claim nor had this kind of big amount of claim before. Now we believe that it was the best decision for us to do business with Hain Capital Group, LLC and absolutely an agreeable transaction. Thank you very much.
Lara Lee, Accountant
Newport Apparel, Inc.

When one of our major clients went bankrupt, Hain Capital helped us make the best of an unfortunate situation. Hain's people were courteous, professional, and prompt. We signed the documents late on a Thursday and received a wire transfer the following Monday.
Craig P. Burns, Esq.
Marshall & Melhorn, LLC

Your service is outstanding! We would highly recommend Hain Capital Group to anyone wanting a fair and efficient settlement of their bankruptcy trade claims.
Susan Mader, President
Airline Support Industries, Inc.

Thanks very much for generating your two wire transfers last week. Our experience with Hain Capital has been favorable. Hain was timely and acted promptly with my claim. I found Hain to be straightforward and reasonable over the past couple of weeks. I would recommend others consider Hain Capital should the situation arise.
Felix Gonzalez
Gonzalez Group/S & A Products

Hain Capital was very fast and efficient when buying the rights to our bankruptcy claim. The paperwork was easy to fill out and the process was simple to follow. Brian Brager at Hain Capital was honest and knowledgeable about our claim. He was a real pleasure to deal with. The amount we sold our bankruptcy claim to Hain Capital for was wired to our bank account the next day.
David Plamann, Controller

Thanks for the information. Thanks for handling our claim so fast. I heard about companies like Hain and I always thought that they were a front for something else and it would take forever to receive the money and have strings attached to the claim. Hain handled our claim with one aim in mind - "Us". That's what I call turbo charging customer service. 
John Treitmaier
Southeastern Machining and Field Service Inc.

The individual we dealt with at Hain Capital was professional. Minimal effort was required on our part which made the whole transaction smooth. We are happy to recommend Hain Capital for the service they provide.
Helen Bakoulis

Your interactions with me have always been courteous and professional. I had no doubt you were being up front with me and it weighed in my decision in going with you vs. one of your competitors. Integrity means a lot. Communications were always clear and when there was additional steps required, you handled them with professional respect. I would definitely refer others to Hain and to yourself in particular based on this experience.
Mark Feriancek, CFO & Managing Partner
Carmichael Lynch, Inc.

Working with Hain Capital has been a pleasure. In addition to being efficient, fair and very professional, Hain Capital adeptly and expertly accommodated changes necessary to reflect my Company's specific situation and claims. We have now assigned claims to Hain Capital in two separate cases and each experience has been very positive.
Edward J. Pelta, General Counsel
Gleason Corporation

My company recently sold a large bankruptcy claim to Hain Capital. Working with Brian Brager of Hain, the process was smooth and the terms and price were fairly negotiated. We received our payment quickly and without any problems. The entire transaction was handled in a businesslike manner with a personal touch. If we are in the unfortunate position of needing to sell a bankruptcy claim again, we will very likely seek a bid from Hain Capital.
Joe Pulito, Director - Project Delivery
Osmose Utilities Services, Inc

It was indeed a pleasure to work with you and Hain Capital. This is the first time I have sold an outstanding debt, and you made the transaction quick and easy. Your pricing was competitive, your sales agreement is easy to understand, and most importantly, your payment was delivered when promised.
Donald R. Hille, Secretary/Treasurer
Don R. Fruchey

Our transaction with Hain Capital was handled in a professional and straightforward manner. After we agreed upon a settlement, the process took just a few days to complete. I highly recommend Hain Capital to anyone with a similar need.
M.F. White, CFO
Newell Paper Company

Working with Hain Capital has been a pleasure. Everything we transacted was very easy and efficient . My company is based in Sydney, Australia and Hain recently purchased a bankruptcy claim from my company. This was my first experience with chapter eleven bankruptcy, and I was unaware that I could sell the claim, until contacted by Hain. All the forms to be completed were simple, the emailing back and forth was minimal, and the money was wired to my account in Australia very quickly. I would not have believed such a process could be so simple and efficient, and I have no hesitation in recommending Hain Capital for any company finding themselves tied up with bankrupt clients, and seeking a way out to ease cash flows.
David Norman, Managing Director
Aquarian Pearls Pty Ltd.

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