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We are very impressed by your firm, Hain Capital Group, LLC and very satisfied with the work done by your firm. The representatives I worked with are very professional and kind. The transaction was very smooth and agreeable. Here I would like to express on behalf of our company our great appreciation.
Yansheng Yu
China Patent & Trademark Agent ( U.S.A. ) Ltd.

I was very satisfied with the professional way Hain Capital Group and in particular, Julie Manevitz, handled our entire transaction. They made it very simple, offered a competitive rate which was paid promptly after all documents had been completed. I would not hesitate to recommend Hain Capital to others.
Ira Schwarzwald, Director of Credit
Phelps Dodge Corporation

I have worked with many participants in the distressed debt industry, from hedge funds to large institutional investors. I found Hain Capital Group to be honorable, professional and, accordingly, a pleasure to work with. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.
Paul A. Rachmuth, Esq.
Anderson Kill & Olick, P.C.

Over the years we have been involved in a number of claim sales and stock trades on behalf of our clients. Most recently, we had our first opportunity to work with Hain Capital. Our expectations were exceeded. The transaction was efficiently and quickly handled from start to finish. It was certainly a pleasure.
Walter Garigliano
Garigliano Law Offices, LLP

I contacted Hain Capital in October of 2005 after receiving 4890 shares of Penn Traffic Stock as settlement for a lease discharged by the bankruptcy court. Hain Capital advised me that they would purchase the stock, we agreed on a settlement price, I placed the stock certificate in escrow with my attorney and the next day my account was credited with a wire transfer. The transaction took about 3 days to complete and I look forward to doing business with Hain Capital in the future.
Gordon G. Schutzendorf, Member
Oneida Shopping Center, LLC

 Our client's unusual circumstance--it planned to wind down its business after it sold its claim--required some creativity, and Hain Capital was able to help coordinate having the claim allowed in the bankruptcy case.  Our client was immensely satisfied with Hain Capital's willingness to be flexible to accomplish the sale, and at its competitive pricing. We look forward to working with Hain Capital in the future to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.
David A. Greer, Attorney
Williams Mullen, Norfolk , Virginia

Our dealings with Hain Capital was a very easy transaction. We are very pleased with the simple, quick turnaround of the purchase with your company. Your contract to purchase was easy to read, understand and did not contain any hidden clauses that would be unfavorable to us in the future. We appreciate your assistance with the purchase of this bankruptcy.
Angela L. Marvin, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc.

Hain Capital was very professional throughout the deal. Brian and his team were extremely thorough and knowledgeable. I had a number of other parties approach me regarding my claim on an extremely complex bankruptcy claim, but Hain Capital was able to prove that they were ready to move quickly without unnecessary delays and hassles.
Todd Phillips

I represented a client who sold its one half million dollar, plus, ($500,000.00 +) unsecured claim in a bankruptcy proceeding to Hain Capital Group, LLC. The transaction was friendly, easy, and low key and for a materially higher sum percentage wise and dollar wise than the next highest offer. I intend to seek bids from Hain Capital when clients have similar claims.
Brawley Tracey, Attorney
Tracy & Reichman

I just wanted to write you a note to THANK YOU for all your hard work.  I enjoyed working with you and your company; there was nothing but high levels professionalism. If we are involved in another case we will definitely return to Hain Capital and send referrals your way. Thanks again!
Christine R Maurizio
Floral Distributors of New York
A Division of Falcon Farms

I represented a large commercial bank based in the Northeast in regard to its recent sale to Hain Capital of its bankruptcy claim against Penn Holdings, Inc. This transaction went very smoothly. Hain's negotiating positions and tactics were reasonable and forthright, and the deal closed and funded promptly. Hain's representatives knew what they were doing, acted in good faith at all times and got the sale done quickly. I would not hesitate to refer another client to Hain.
Patrick M. Reagan
Looney, Cohen, Reagan & Aisenberg LLP

Thank you for the excellent experience of dealing with your company. We went into this experience thinking this was going to be a long, drawn out process, and in fact it was virtually painless. The entire transaction was started and completed within one week! Thanks again for the great personal interaction, it truly was a pleasant experience.
Sandra Darnell
Radiator Works

I represented a well-known bank, which had an unsecured guaranty claim in a major Chapter 11 case pending in the U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Tennessee. Hain Capital inquired as to whether the bank was willing to consider assigning its claim. The negotiations with Hain's representatives were concluded expeditiously. The representatives of Hain were cordial, reasonable, and took a practical approach. The bank and I felt that the transaction as documented was beneficial to both parties. The transaction was consummated as and when agreed.
Linda W. Knight
Gullett, Sanford, Robinson & Martin, PLLC

After evaluating numerous firms that purchase receivables from bankrupt companies, I selected Hain Capital due to their high level of professionalism and integrity. The negotiation process was both fair and straightforward. Hain Capital delivered on time and in accordance with the terms of our agreement. Their professional staff was a pleasure to deal with.
Ed S. Pietruniak, CPA, Controller
Tessy Plastics Corporation

We have been very happy working with Hain Capital. They are quick to respond, follow through on promises made and work to make the entire process a smooth one. ?We will definitely be working with them in the future.
Tracy Coe, Credit Manager
Swift Transportation

I cannot speak highly enough of Hain Capital and its personnel; they provided a quick, courteous, fair and honest service, with impeccable integrity. In the difficult world of debt and debt recovery, it was an unexpected surprise to find a company that provided so much support to creditors, with no hidden traps or catches.
Emma Borghesi, Director
Brolly Books (an imprint of Borghesi & Adam Publishers Pty. Ltd.)

In addition to offering good value for our claim which we were seeking to liquidate, Hain Capital provided accurate and timely information that facilitated processing the assignment of the claim and the people at Hain were courteous, professional, and precise.? These combined resulted in a smooth transaction for both companies.
Paul Koehler, VP
Kinergy Marketing, LLC

It has been a pleasure transacting with both yourself and your colleagues. I was amazed at how quickly this process went from the first conversation we had to the actual closing of the transactions. Thank you for being professional and courteous.
Elizabeth Van Sicklen, Credit Manager
Johnson Electric, North America

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